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Collieries: Mapping Underground

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Historically, one of the most important industries in Lanarkshire was mining. At its height, the industry employed thousands of people across the region and much of the landscape was altered forever due to the massive extent of the coal extraction.

Maps played a key role in the exploitation of this valuable resource and were especially important in charting the extent of each of the collieries. 

These maps continue to be important however, as they allow us to build a picture the scale of the mining industry in the late 19th and early part of the 20th century and help engineers understand how these mines might affect future construction.

Detail of Cadzow Colliery map.

The map included here is that of the Cadzow Colliery next to Chatelherault, one of a number of collieries in the area, including Niesland, Eddlewood, Fairhill, Bent, Allanshaw, Silverton, Barncluith and the Quarter Colliery‚Äôs, each of which was mapped in meticulous detail. 

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