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Flow of Time hands on archaeology education guide

Make your own Celtic heads, Bronze Age pottery and axe moulds, Roman coins, cord and shale beads

This booklet is designed to be a step by step guide for educators and group leaders on how to deliver archaeology themed, hands-on, creative activities to children and young adults.

The Flow of Time workshops have been designed to encourage participants to think about people and communities in the past, how they would have lived and what objects they would have created and used. Using artefacts found at sites around the Clyde and Avon Valley as inspiration, the hands-on learning activities were developed to encourage discussion around the particular objects, including Celtic stone heads, Bronze Age pottery, axes and moulds, Roman coins, cordage and Iron Age beads.

The booklet includes a list of materials, clear photographs and instructions showing the correct methods for each of the six different activities, as well as information on health and safety precautions. It also has a section at the back outlining some ideas for further reading and places to visit to learn more about the history of the Clyde and Avon Valley.


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