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New trail reveals the hidden nature of Falls of Clyde

Discover wonderful wildlife at New Lanark

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    28 June 2018

A new trail has been created at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve on the edge of New Lanark to help families discover the wonderful wildlife that makes its home on the reserve.

The wildlife trail takes around an hour to explore fully and starts from the main entrance to the reserve. It features eight posts that give information about the lives of species including badgers, otters, bats and ravens.

Lyndsay Mark, Visitor Experience Manager said: “Our exciting new wildlife trail leads through the ancient oak woodland on the reserve. It’s an easy and accessible walk for families which is designed to take about an hour.

“There are lots of amazing animals here but they can be very elusive. Many species like badgers and bats, are most active during night-time, so this is a way to explain to people why it’s important to maintain Falls of Clyde as a wildlife reserve.”


Part of the trail - badger signpost

The trail has been supported by Heritage Lottery Fund & South Lanarkshire LEADER supported Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership (CAVLP). The project is part of a scheme through CAVLP to enhance and conserve the Falls of Clyde and wider Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve. 

Work has included the removal of non-native trees and path improvements, you can also view the Historic Trail online here

Kirsten Robb, Project Manager at CAVLP, added, “This new trail really brings to life the often hidden wildlife of the Clyde and Avon Valleys.

“Visitors will get the information they need to be nature detectives and get spotting when they are out and about enjoying the trails at Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve and beyond."

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