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Pathway proposals between Glespin and Douglas published

A vital link between the River Ayr Walk and Clyde Walkway

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    19 April 2022

A Feasibility Study for an active travel pathway between Glespin and Douglas has been published, which would enable everyday journeys between the settlements by walking, wheeling and cycling. 

The proposed pathway was based upon discussions with community members, landowners and stakeholders, as well as a Douglas Primary School exercise and a community survey which was returned by 200 local residents.  

It is proposed that the path meets Cycling By Design standards by being constructed with a 3 metre wide, hard bound surfacing, making it accessible for all. It features three road crossings, a water crossing and fencing and gates to provide division and maintain access appropriate to surrounding farmland management. 

Artist's impression of the proposed pedestrian crossing in Glespin
Artist's impression of the proposed pedestrian crossing in Glespin

The path utilises the existing off-road path from Douglas to the cemetery before following a route behind the cemetery extension and following the road alignment to the north of the A70, crossing over the A70 before the Douglas Water bridge. It then follows the road alignment to the south of the A70, crossing over the road towards Crawfordjohn and entering Glespin, with another crossing around the Community Hall, offering safe access to the off-road route for the majority of residents who live on the north side of the A70. 

The pathway would form part of an extended link between the River Ayr Walk and Clyde Walkway which sits on the agenda of South Lanarkshire Council and the Hagshaw Cluster – a strategic partnership formed of East Ayrshire Council and South Lanarkshire Council, Nature Scot, Architecture and Design Scotland and numerous windfarm operators located in the windfarm cluster to the north west of Douglas. A Feasibility Study has been undertaken for Glenbuck to Glespin, and is currently underway from Douglas to New Lanark. 

The Study, progressed as part of 2021/22 Make Your Way sustainable travel focussed project was supported by Paths for All’s Smarter Choices Smarter Places, Strathclyde Passenger Transport and South Lanarkshire Council’s Renewable Energy Fund. It was managed by Rural Development Trust’s Community Action Lanarkshire programme with contractors Alan Jones Associates leading on the Feasibility Study. 

Artist's impression of the proposed road crossing on the A70
Artist's impression of the proposed road crossing on the A70

The Study took place alongside Bikeability level 2 in Douglas Primary School, including two of four pupils from Glespin who attend the school, a Community Cycling Day, the development of sustainable transport information booklets and the installation of a mapboard in Glespin, highlighting existing walking and cycling routes, accessibility and community facilities. 

Ashley Smith, Glespin Community Group SCIO says, “We are delighted to finally have a pathway proposal providing safe access between Glespin and Douglas. It would provide residents with a vital link to the Primary School, shops, employment opportunities, friends and family members which we are not currently able to do along the A70 which is dangerous even for experienced cyclists.” 

Discussions are ongoing between the local community, Community Action Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Council in identifying the lead applicant for the project and next steps. The full Feasibility can be found at  

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